#ShareYourStory: Mike Karnyski Hi my name is Mike and this is my story.I was injured in an Industrial Accident in 1994 having my right hand crushed by over 1500 pounds of steal.I had 4 operations and 2 amputations all within a year.My first amputation was half of my index finger than a short time later the rest of my finger and a quarter of my hand.I then developed RSD?CRPS in my hand and arm a lot of therapy and meds plus Ganglion Nerve Blocks.Then the RSD?CRPS spread to my shoulders and back more Therapy and Lower Lumbar Injections.Then it spread to both my legs and feet you guessed it more Therapy,Medications had to walk with 2 canes and use a wheelchair to get around plus water therapy.Then PM said we would try a Spinal Cord Stimulator went through the trial and then had the SCS implanted.This really gave me a new lease on life,I do not walk with the canes or use the wheelchair and the best part NO MORE MEDICATIONS.It is 12 years with the SCS. Now I am mentoring individuals that are having a hard time dealing with the pain from RSD/CRPS it is something I enjoy doing.I now take one day at a time and Thank the Lord for every new day. Mike Karnyski

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