Protecting Prescription Medications

Protecting Prescription Medications
by Barby Ingle, President
Power of Pain Foundation

• Do not request early refills or increase your dose of medication without discussing it with your provider
• Keep medications out of reach of children and pets, and use child proof caps
• Keep prescription medications away from teenagers and visiting guests (friends and family members have also been known to steal prescription drugs)
• Lost or stolen opioid medications are a red flag for possible abuse
• Open the container over a counter, away from the sink or toilet
• Participate in a drug-monitoring program such as the Patient Physician Trust Partnership.
• Protect your supply as you would guard other valuables, such as a box with a combination lock
• The best place to store your medicine is in a cool, dry place in its original container. Most medications lose their effectiveness in warm, moist areas
• The goal of medication is improved function. Keep track in your journal, what you are able to do because of relief you are receiving from the medication and any side effects that you develop; be sure to communicate this to your provider

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