Medical Drug Delivery Pump; Tenah’s Story

Hello my name is Tenah. I have a Medical Drug Delivery Pump. My MD and I both agreed that this would be the best way to deliver medication for my pain.

I had been taking Kaden for the pain before my pump. I did not like the way the pain medicine felt. I wanted a way to relieve my pain without the side affects of the pain medicine. With having RSD I knew I was going to have medicine probably the rest of my life. I knew my age and the length of time I would have to be on medication I was worried what the medication would do on my internal organs.

Dr Ajith Nair is my MD he is not just a doctor that come in sees you for a few moments. He also helps you mentally and spiritually. I have been with him since 2005. He honestly cares for his patients, he knows my husbands name, and children. He stays involved with his patients and makes sure that I am receiving the best care that I can.

I got my pump and for me it is really the best fit. I get so much relief from my RSD, I am sure it helps more then I know! I do have to get the pain medication dosage increased but not often.

It is super simple to have. I see Dr Nair every 26days he gets a small amount into a separate syringe then he has to put a needle into my pump which is located in my stomach and pulls the medicine out from previous month, then he puts in my new medication. When he is finished with that he puts in another needle that goes into my back of my pump to a reservoir that delivers a bolus. While this needle is he takes a picture of the needle in the pump with an ultrasound machine.

After all that is finished my pump is filled and I get to do it again the next month. I do not have to worry about having strong medication in my home and it covers the pain all the time.

With taking medication it was taking it then waiting for it to start working. I do not feel like I am on a lot of medication. I can do so much more with the pump and I do feel better. With medication by mouth you feel tired and sluggish, you do not have that feeling with pump.

In my experience with the pump I feel better than I did with oral medication. The only down side would be limitations that you can’t do certain things that may cause your wire to break or bump your pump on the counters that is something I do all the time.

One question I get asked all the time is if I can feel it in my stomach and the answer is I think I did in the beginning but I dont even think about it now its just apart of me.

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  1. What medicine is in the pain pump? I have been considering one also, and it is good to know that it worked for you. Thank you for sharing your story.

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