popf 2015 westcoast pain summit

Power of Pain Foundation hosts the West Coast PAIN Summit, which will be held on Saturday, NERVEmber 14, 2015 from 2:30pm-4:30PM at the Elk Grove Library, Elk Grove, CA. This event will offer multiple education and exhibition opportunities to the patients, caregivers, public, and healthcare professionals in the search for answers to the complex questions surrounding chronic pain illnesses and disabilities.

Topics covered are access to medication, insurance issues (step therapy practices, pre-authorizations, and abuse deterrent medications), issues surrounding pain management, the pain language: communicate with caretakers and healthcare professionals for better patient care, pain in perspective to life tips and tricks for coping, patient’s rights and resources, and treatment specific modality information on alternative treatments such as Calmare, infusion therapy, and more. Speakers and exhibitors will include patients, healthcare professionals, and alternative care.

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