power of pain state proclamations


State proclamations are official documents issued by a governmental office on national, state, county and local levels to commemorate a specific time period (day, week, or month) for the purpose of raising awareness about an issue, or celebrating milestones. Proclamations must convey a localization significance to a broad group of citizens in the local. The individual making the request should be part of a national or statewide organization, and hold a position to be authorized to make requests on behalf of a national/statewide group (ex. President, Executive Director, Delegate, etc). For assistance with verbiage to request proclamations for your state please contact info@powerofpain.org. Whether disease specific (by day, week, month) or for Chronic Pain Awareness Month (Sept). Watch this video by Barby Ingle, with step by step instructions to get a proclamation in your state. Become an iPain Delegate and let us host your proclamation.

Whats In Your State

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