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If you have efforts in your state related to pain care issues, please let us know so we can get it listed and get you more support! The Power of Pain Foundation is happy to support and sponsor pain care legislation. Please let us know if you need a support letter or sponsor for your bill.

3 Easy Things You Can Do To Take Action

1) Write Letters to your legislators
2) Call your legislators
3) Spread the word through social media for others to do the same

national pain strategy
Specialty Tier
Step Therapy
state proclamations
prior authorization
abuse deterrent formulation

In Your State – Learn more about policy and advocacy issues by state.

SPPAN is an association of leaders, representing a variety of health care and consumer organizations and individuals, who work together in a cooperative and coordinated fashion to effect positive pain policy on the state level—policy that guarantees access to comprehensive and effective pain care for all people living with pain. Power of Pain Foundation is one of the original SPPAN partners. You can use the link above to see what is going on in your state and also send letters to legislators directly from their state pages. Click Here


Consumer Pain Advocacy Task Force (CPATF) is comprised of national leaders and decision-makers from 16 consumer-nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to patient well-being and supporting the use of effective methods for pain treatment. The State Pain Policy Advocacy Network (SPPAN) first convened these leaders in March 2014 to organize a collective action effort to benefit people with pain.  consumerpainadvocacy.org

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