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  1. It has been written on many different sites about the new CDC “guideline” for doctors and patients. The CDC and the state medical board are telling me that the CDC guideline is not mandantory but, my doctor whom I trust, is telling me differently. He is telling me that if his methadone patients are not “brought down” to a total of 20 milligrams per day total, his license to practice medicine WILL be revoked. The CDC and medical board repeatedly state that this is not the case. It is a beautiful “squeeze play” on our doctors to force them to stop prescribing sufficient opioid medication to their patients. It is a “one shoe fits all” approach to lower the prescribing of opioid medications. Even to patients that are stable and have been stable on their respective medication for decades. One doctor license revoked at a time will not bring very much attention to the CDC at all. However the impact upon the doctor and his patients, especially the patients WILL suffer because the doctors will comply to the “guideline” and so would I if my license depended on it..Personally my medication is being reduced 10% per month and has been since November of 2016 until I reach a total of 80 percent less medication than I was taking before November of 2016. The impact will be devastating for my wife and myself. I am 58 years old, have two failed back surgeries and have been stable on my medication for more than 15 years. I have not had an increase in medication for 5 years. I am taking 60 milligrams less of the same medication now that I was taking 10 years ago. With the ability to still be able to work and earn a living I also get the exercise that is needed for a spine surgery patient to keep my core muscles strong. I have my days that I can not function I KNEW that without opioid medication I would not be able to even leave my home. I was totally aware that opoid medication was a lifelong commitment or better a lifelong dependency on medication. It was either opioid medication, illegal opioids, or suicide. Now my future is very black. I DO NOT BELIEVE the CDC tells truth. I further believe that intimidation of licensure revocation IS being used on my pain specialist. I do NOT believe that he is willingly watching me suffer, lose the ability to work, and watching me file for S.S.disability. He was satisfied as I was with my dosage and type of medication and had never stated that I was being prescribed too much medication UNTIL the introduction of the CDC “guideline” and a meeting with many of his peers with the CDC. He was told to COMPLY or face license revocation. Has ANYONE heard of the software called “SCRUBBERS”? Another CDC innovation to trach all the physicians who are not in compliance with their “guideline”. The American public paid for this software. To all those who LIE, may Fate, Kharma, or Justification come into your life as quickly and fiercely as chronic pain came into 100 million lAmerican lives.The CDC LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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