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Why Not Ketamine? Save Lives Now! Release data on the use of Ketamine to treat illnesses like CRPS, Fibromyalgia, depression and PTSD


Sign a petition against government deciding who needs pain medication, leave it up to the doctors and patients.


This petition is being presented to states legislators, we need a large variety of people from all over the United States.

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War on Pain Medication

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Walgreens Pays $80M For Violating Controlled Substances Act – 6/2013

by Ed Silverman – The latest manifestation over the nationwide effort to curb the widespread abuse of prescription painkillers has ensnared Walgreens. The largest US pharmacy chain has agreed to pay a record $80 million in civil penalties for violating its license and the rules that govern how the drugs are distributed, according to the US Drug Enforcement Agency. read more

Walgreens recently was fined $80 million dollars because THEY broke the dispensing laws for controlled substances.
Now they are punishing patients by demanding unnecessary private information from your health care provider. read more


EA-Broward Sheriff vs. Sloan

On Thursday April 7th I will face off against the DEA (special agent in charge) and Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti at the Tower Forum http://www.towerforum.org

On Sunday April 3rd the Sun-Sentinel will publish a slightly edited version of the attached op-ed piece. I am grateful to The Sun Sentinel editor who went to great lengths to give me the space I needed. This war on pain meds has turned into a witch hunt complete with false statistics and distorted data going as far as law enforcement making health declarations. The actual government data has been withheld from the public since 2007. It was not until I just recently received the government data (I assure you it was not suppose to happen) that the falsehoods could be exposed.

Legitimate patients and physicians are becoming victims to this hysteria driven process. We do have a problem but law enforcements sledge hammer approach will cause greater damage than it will solve. These are not illicit drugs; they have an extremely important medical use. Law enforcement actions are negatively affecting the medical care of hundreds of thousands in Florida. Reason and logic have been discarded, we are left with Hysteria- hysteria never solved anything and in this case it is making things worse!  Thanks for giving me the chance to at least offer what I hope is a rational view.

The worst that could happen is that I end up in Gitmo J “Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself.”  Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the French medical missionary, 1931

Paul Sloan, President
FL Society of Pain Management Providers, Inc.

Florida Society of Pain Management Providers, Inc.
401 Commercial Ct., Suite C, Venice, FL. 34292
941-349-6583, 941-485-8404 fax, www.flspmp.org

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Pain Education for HCP

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There are 5 states that require a full curriculum in pain care including:


Rhode Island



The Pain and Policy Studies Group will know all states require such.

Kentucky requires continuing education hours on pain for nurses

There is a huge need for pain education for all HCP’s!

The Power of Pain Foundation will soon be releasing a report titled “The Manhattan Project 2; for Pain Care”

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