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Chronic Illness Mentor Program

If you see little to no hope in living your life, in a way that you value, with chronic pain and illness please reach out to us. This program has been designed to meet the needs of someone who is newer to being ill, or whose illness has worsened. If you are really struggling you are not alone. From sharing small organizational tips that will make you daily life easier to how to how to find joy and happiness in your life, your mentor has a lot to offer.

Our Mentors are patients just like you who have over time have learned to live with their illness.  They will listen.  They can tell you what things they have found helpful in their own life and they will guide you through our three stage process to finding a life you value.



MENTORS ARE AVAILABLE NOW FOR: for Complex Diagnosis, CRPS/RSD, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Enchelomylitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Pso Arthritis, Diabetes and more.

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is most often defined as a relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

What does a mentor do? The following are among the mentor’s functions:

  1. Teaches the mentee about a specific issue
  2. Coaches the mentee on a particular skill
  3. Facilitates the mentee’s growth by sharing resources and networks
  4. Challenges the mentee to move beyond his or her comfort zone
  5. Creates a safe learning environment for taking risks
  6. Focuses on the mentee’s total development

Goals of the Chronic Illness Mentor program

The mentee will be gradually working towards the goal of leading a life you are content with, with illness.

Stage one: will establish trust between the mentee and mentor and give the mentee a chance to voice some of the difficulties thus far to an empathetic listener.  Once trust is established the mentor will guide you through your emotions about being ill, your frustration at not being able to do the things you were before and help you to work through all of these emotions in a healthy manner.

Stage two: the mentor will share some of their experiences with the mentee.  The mentee will learn that upset does not equal failure, chronic illness and chronic pain is not easy, but you CAN life a life you value.  Issues such as doctors, pharmacists and  other sources of help will be discussed.  At the end of stage two, if both agree progress has been made, the mentee will have some time to work on their own.  The mentor will be available through this time as needed.

Stage three: the relationship between mentor and mentee will find a more equal footing.  Mentor and mentee will discuss future plans.

After the hard work is done, the mentor and mentee will conduct an “exit interview” and both can decide to continue friendship or if you would like to part ways.

Would you like to Mentor someone with your illness?  In just a few minutes every few days, as your time and health allows, you can lead someone to living a life they value.  You can use all the knowledge you have gained over the years to help another.  We will prepare you and give you tools and support so you can be a successful mentor.

We would like to know the following so we can add you to our mentor program and get you started helping someone.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your email
  3. What medical conditions you have and how long you have had them
  4. How you feel about your conditon and current life
  5. Is this your first time mentoring, or have your mentored or lead a support group before?

Please email this information to and thank you so much for your gift of kindness

Would you like to have a Mentor, with your illness, to help you adjust to your illness and guide you to living a life you value?  Not sure you can get there?  Not to worry, this is a small investment of your time and just being able to speak with another person who has your illness and will listen to you is comforting.  We care about you and how you are doing because we are all patients just like you.

To become a Mentee please provide the following information

  1. your name
  2. your email
  3. your birth date
  4. your primary illness and date of onset
  5. how your feel currently about your illness, your life and anything else you would like us to know

Please send you information to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Gillian McCormick, Program Director for the POPF Mentorship program.  Gillian has been faced with a chronic pain condition since 1996. She is a wife and mother of two wonderful teens.  Gillian really enjoys meeting newer patients and providing the helpful information she has learned over the years with them. She does this in the hopes it will make their lives a little easier while they adjust to this major life change.  “I am really looking forward to being able to provide the chronic pain and illness community with this new goal oriented Mentorship Program, to working with our longer term members so they can guide newer members to leading a life they are content with.   I am very thankful to the Power of Pain Foundation for giving me this opportunity.” says Gillian. We say thank you to her for her volunteer service and sharing this mentor program through POPF!

Contact Gillian at

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