Director of Ambassadors

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador for POPF?

A POPF ambassador is a representative of POPF for awareness and education events. Some of our ambassadors do a lot of activities; some do one or two events a year. It really depends on how much you are up for and how much your state needs. You would be the front line person for your state. Listed on the site as the state contact. You can use our resources to get the proper resources for that person in need. You have your pulse on what is or is not happening in your state more than we can so we would listen to your ideas and try to get some of the needs of the state addressed. You would have the opportunity to participate in access to care legislation for your state and media, as projects come up, but these two aspects are not mandatory, only share what you are willing. We ask if you start a project that you finish it, and if you need help that you ask. Sara can fill you in on any other details (email We also have 4-6 online meetings a year w/ the ambassadors. You are required to attend at least one a year to maintain your position.

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